2020 Summer Course on Health 4.0 Managements and Technologies for Improving Health Services in Developing Countries is aimed to improve interprofessionalism in health services managements and technologies with their accompanying problems by interdisciplinary and multi-university approach. This summer course outlines health sciences, integrated with social sciences and population study in health system.


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  1. Transferable 3 course credit.
  2. Best practices on Health 4.0: Managements & Technologies for Improving Health Services learned from the international experts consisting of clinicians, scientists, and researchers.
  3. Virtual networking session with international students.
  4. e-Certificate.





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November 9th, 2020
Overview of Summer Course Course Director: dr. Gunadi, Sp.BA.,Ph.D
Opening remarks Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing:
Prof. dr. Ova Emilia, M.Med.Ed.,Sp.OG(K)
Panel I: Technology in Health Professional Education (HPE) PIC: dr. Noviarina Kurniawati, M.Sc

Topic 1: Technology enhance learning and future direction
(dr. Noviarina K., M.Sc)

Topic 2: *to be confirmed
(Goh Poh Sun - National University of Singapore)

Topic 3: Implementation of CPR application (Clinical Practice Reflection)
(Uki Noviana, PhD - NURSING FK-KMK UGM)

Topic 4: Technology in health nutrition consultation
(Flinders University)


November 10th, 2020
Panel II: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Implementation in Health Care Services PIC: dr. Guardian & Pak Anis

Topic 1: ICT to support universal health coverage
(Dr. Citra Jaya - Deputi Direktor for research and development BPJS Kesehatan)

Topic 2: Health services in primary health care
(dr. Mora Claramita, Ph.D - FKKMK UGM)

Topic 3: The usage of technologies in the secondary care
(dr. Arif Budianto, Sp.KK - RSA UGM)

Topic 4: The importance of supporting applications to support the health care system: brainstorming application "My Dispense"
Monash University


November 11th, 2020
Practical Session I Activites 1 (paralel class): Dosing Gama for adjustment dosage for renal & hepatic disorder
Bu Fita Rahmawati (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Activities 2 (paralel class): Accessing Apotech.id


  • community based
  • as a tools for consultation between pharmacist and patients
  • as an educational media for community

Bu Chairun- Pharmacy

November 12th, 2020
Panel III: Electronic Health Record (EHR) PIC: dr. Lutfan Lazuardi

Topic 1: Utilizing electronic health record in UGM Academic Hospital
(dr. Nurwestu R., Dermatologist - UGM Academic Hospital)

Topic 2: Electronic prescribing for reducing medication error
(Fita Rahmawati - Fac. of Pharmacy UGM)

Topic 3: The Application of Electronic Health Record at the RSGM UGM
(drg. Lisdrianto - Dentistry UGM)

Topic 4: Clinicians' role in EHR implementation
Ariani Arista Putri Pertiwi - FK-KMK UGM


November 13th, 2020
Panel IV: Community Based Health Information System PIC: Bu Ariani

Topic 1: PIS-PIK Implementation of PIS PK
(dr. Evita - Puskesmas Mlati I)

Topic 2: Community-based information system model
(Anis Fuad, S.Ked., DEA)

Demonstration session Applied Technology in the POSBINDU 5 Meja Description: A demonstration of one example of information system technology in the community to empower community health worker
  1. Pak Anggi L. Wicaksana - PSIK FK-KMK UGM
  2. Pak Silmi - DTETI FT UGM for Practical session


November 14th, 2020
Virtual Tour (*)

November 16th, 2020
Practical Session II (Relate to Panel IV) Accessing the application/ dummy about DIHS
dr. Guardian Yoki Sanjaya


Accessing National data (hospital/ Puskesmas)

November 17th, 2020
Panel V: Future Direction and Policy in ICT-based Health Services PIC: Surahyo Sumarsono

Topic 1: The implementation of Telemedicine: Comparison result between Indonesia and Europe
(Surahyo Sumarsono)

Topic 2: National e-health system: opportunity & challenge
(Center for Data and Informaton, Ministry of Health)

Topic 3: Topic:The Policy of "Apotek online" Perspektif kedepan tentang kebijakan online seperti apa
Headd of BPOM - PIC Fita Rahmawati Pharmacy UGM

Topic 4: Teledentistry in clinical practice to improve access to clinical care
(Prof. Paul Glassman - College of Dental Medicine, California North State)


November 18th, 2020
Practical Session III (Relate to Panel V) Analyzing Global Data bsed on the case simulation
dr. Guardian Yoki Sanjaya


  • Global data burden disease / health data from WHO
  • Landscape e-health system

November 19th, 2020
Group Assignment Presentation Part 1: Group 1 - 4

November 20th, 2020
Group Assignment Presentation Part 1: Group 5 - 8
Closing remarks Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing
Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Goh Poh Sun, MBBS., FRCR., MHPE - National University of Singapore
  • dr. Noviarina Kurniawati, M.Sc
  • Uki Noviana, S.Kep., Ns., MNSc., Ph.D
  • dr. Mora Claramita, MHPE., Ph.D
  • dr. Arief Budiyanto, Ph.D., Sp.KK(K)
  • dr. Nurwestu Rusetiyani, M.Kes., Sp.KK
  • Dr. Fita Rahmawati, Sp.FRS., Apt
  • drg. Lisdrianto Hanindriyo, MPH., Ph.D
  • Ariani Arista Putri Pertiwi, S.Kep., Ns., MAN., DNP
  • dr. Guardian Yoki Sanjaya, MHealthInfo
  • Surahyo Sumarsono, B.Eng., M.Eng.Sc
  • Prof. Paul Glassman - College of Dental Medicine, California North State
  • Anis Fuad, S.Ked., DEA

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